All Our Teak Deck Panels Have These Great Advantages

  • 100 % vertical grain, also called quarter sawn

  • Caulking is specially formulated teak deck caulking, with over 20 year life expectancy (tested in ultraviolet weather-o-meter), superior adhesion to teak, and no primer needed

  • Full caulking seam depth, 1/2" teak has 1/2" seam depth

  • Easy to handle 2 feet wide panels, just the right size for one installer

  • Pre sanded, ready to install panels

  • Minimum work time on boat, benefit of prefabricated Teak Deck Panels

  • No screws and no plugs installation, less repair and longer life for your decking

Always keep in mind that the wearing thickness of teak decking is only as thick as the depth of the caulking seam or the wood plug above screw head. Our decks have a full 1/2" wearing thickness, comparable to 3/4" or thicker grooved decking.

thickness image


Standard Teak Deck Panels

Standard Teak Deck Panels can be installed by a skilled owner or by your local professional boat carpenter. Panels are ready to cut and fit to deck.


vertical grain

Custom Teak Deck Panels

Our custom fabricated Teak Deck Panels are made to your exact measurements and templates. Just about any dimensioning, plank width, thickness, and seam width are made to your specifications.


vertical grain

Special Teak Deck Caulk

Our Teak Deck Caulk is formulated for permanent flexibility and superior UV resistance. No teak deck is better than our seam material.